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Advancing to the next round…

30 May, 2006

DakotaFanningFanClub doing a France?Doing a few back of the napkin figures has led me to the conclusion that some of the second round participants (or non-participants) are slowly coming into focus…

It seems that Locomotive Baltimore and Footer Phooter have clinched no worse than second place, but could potentially lose their first place position on a tiebreaker, should the second placed teams in their respective groups draw level with them at the end of the last matchday.

It also seems that BigRob has clinched a place in the second round, although he could end up in a tie for second and potentially go out on a tiebreaker.  It could be mathematically impossible for that to happen, but I ran out of room on the back of my napkin.

Sadly however, we can definitively wave goodbye to Old North State FC and Krazy Taino FC who, currently on 0 points, can only gain 6, while the second placed team in their respective groups are already on 9 points.

In Groups H&D we have very alarming developments for a couple of former champions of the League. Though neither managed to win the Cup in their Championship year, they were always in the hunt. This year finds the current champions DakotaFanningFanClub on the ropes tied for last place in Group H, and perhaps most shockingly, giants Marmots FFC are wallowing on 0 points in the cellar of Group D needing a miracle to clinch a tie for second place.

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  1. Locomotive Baltimore permalink
    31 May, 2006 9:00 am

    What? No comments?

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