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The League is Full [UPDATED]

26 March, 2008

This morning, we added our 32nd team, meaning that our league is now full. For those of you who haven’t played in this division before, I thought I would do a little bit of explaining about how the various Cup competitions will work.

I run a Cup competition within the division during the season. While the main table is based on total points earned, the cup competition is based on wins/ties/losses in head to head match ups between teams in the division. I run the Cup in such a way that we determine a Cup champion before the MFLS-wide Cup Winners Cup takes place. I don’t administer the Cup Winners Cup, I just administer a competition to provide an entrant to that Cup.

Pretty soon, I will conduct a blind draw and place everyone into one of 8 groups of four. We play a schedule that is very similar to the UEFA Champions League. Teams play eachother twice in the first group stage with the top two teams from each division advancing to the second group stage. I perform a second draw at this point using two ‘pots’ (Division Winners & Runners Up). Teams from the same first stage groups will be kept apart in the draw.

The top two from each second round group will be drawn into single elemination quarterfinal matches, leading to a semifinal, culminating in a Cup Final (and third place match).

Additionally, the MFLS-wide Champions League will pull 2 to 3 teams from our ranks at a point in the season. These participants will be based on league table position, completely independent of our Cup competition.

It’s all in good fun, and a nice way to stay up to date on the performances of all teams in MLS. Have fun!


Anyone who is finding our division late and still wants to get into a division of DC United supporters, here is a list of three that I found:

  1. Barra Brava Division
  2. Screaming Eagles Division
  3. UVa-DC United Division
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