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2008 TBTRFA Cup Draw

28 March, 2008

The draw for the first group stage of The Black & The Red FA Cup for 2008 was completed in Zurich Baltimore last night and I have now posted the groupings.

The Draw

First, an explanation of how I conducted the draw. First, I assigned a unique number to each team in alphabetical order of team name (e.g. Arlington Avengers = 1, Way Smarter Than Andrulis= 32). Then using the great online tools at I followed the following procedure:

  • Drew a number from 1-32 corresponding to the team
  • Drew a number from 1-8 corresponding to the group
  • Drew a number from 1-4 corresponding to the position in the group

The first ball out of the pot was #26 (Screaming Hooligans), The second ball was #1 (Group A), The third ball was #2 (2). The result of this process was that Screaming Hooligans was drawn into the A2 slot. I proceeded from there in what, I can assure you, was a riveting draw performed by Heidi Klum and myself.

Group A

RFK United
Screaming Hooligans
Forest Glen AC
Dynamo Mojo Jojo PPG

Group B

The Green Army
Arlington Avengers
FC Riders of Rohan
River Potomac

Group C

DC Jammers
Barra United
The Fairfax Frenzy
Singapore United

Group D

D.C. United In Exile
Way smarter than Andrulis

Group E

Locomotive Baltimore
FC kickers
Rising Eagles
Clive’s Shoot ’em Up Strikers

Group F

Perpetual Motion Machine
Crying Dukie Rugrat
The Irons
Old North State FC

Group G

Beltway Bombers
Disjointed United
Erimus all stars
Takoma United

Group H

Lakeview United
Footer Phooter
Beakerhead FC

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  1. dcuni_ted permalink
    30 March, 2008 11:34 am

    First ball out of the pot, yeah!

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