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2008 TBTRFA Cup Schedule

28 March, 2008

The Black & The Red FA Cup will run concurrently with the regular MFLS season, using results in matches beginning with MFLS Week 5, culminating with the Cup Final (and consolation match) in MFLS Week 21.

I am putting space between the end of the Second Group Phase and the Knockout Rounds because Chivas, DC United, Houston, and New England do not play for the entire month of July, which would have coincided with the knockout rounds. Given that these teams will possibly make up a lot of the rosters of the participants, I don’t want to penalize managers who make it deep into the competition by forcing them to make drastic roster moves only to achieve victory in these rounds.

The Black & The Red FA Cup Schedule

Group Stage I

  • MATCHDAY 01 – MFLS Week 5
  • MATCHDAY 02 – MFLS Week 6
  • MATCHDAY 03 – MFLS Week 7
  • MATCHDAY 04 – MFLS Week 8
  • MATCHDAY 05 – MFLS Week 9

Group Stage II

  • MATCHDAY 06 – MFLS Week 10
  • MATCHDAY 07 – MFLS Week 11
  • MATCHDAY 08 – MFLS Week 12
  • MATCHDAY 09 – MFLS Week 13
  • MATCHDAY 10 – MFLS Week 14

Knockout Stage

  • CUP FINAL – MFLS Week 21

International Cup Competitions

  • Begin MFLS Champions League – MFLS Week 20
  • Begin MFLS Cup Winners Cup – MFLS Week 23
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  1. silentounce permalink
    12 April, 2008 12:07 am

    Just thought that it bears mentioning that the links at the top of the page: Fixtures, Results, etc. give info as to who is playing whom on each given matchday and other goodies. I’m not sure if you intended to make the text in this post link to each given matchday page, but they don’t. I was confused at first.

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