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Latest results and the second phase approaches

26 May, 2008

The Matchday 5 Results and the Latest Tables have been posted.

I can report that the following teams have advanced to the Second Group Phase:

  • Beakerhead FC
  • DakotaFanningFanClub
  • Disjointed United
  • Erimus all stars
  • Forest Glen AC
  • Lakeview United
  • Locomotive Baltimore
  • RFK United

I can also report that the following teams have been eliminated from the Cup

  • Barra United
  • Beltway Bombers
  • Dynamo Mojo Jojo PPG
  • Footer Phooter
  • Old North State FC
  • PBU
  • Rising Eagles
  • River Potomac
  • Screaming Hooligans
  • Takoma United

That leaves the following scenarios:

Group A

RFK United and Forest Glen AC are jockeying for positions 1 and 2.

Group B

The Green Army and FC Riders of Rohan are tied for first with 9 points apiece, with Arlington Avengers close behind in second with 7 points. Any of these three teams could be eliminated if the results go a particular way.

Group C

Singapore United, The Fairfax Frenzy, and DC Jammers are all knotted up with 9 points apiece and will have to take care of business to be assured of advancing.

Group D

DakotaFanningFanClub has clinched the top spot in this group, with the rest of the teams all in a fight for the second place. D.C. United In Exile has a slight edge if matches were to be drawn on the last match day.

Group E

Locomotive Baltimore has the upper hand for top spot, but could be unseated by Clive’s Shoot ‘em Up Strikers. Conversely, CSEUS could be knocked out if the results go a certain way, with FC Kickers taking the second slot.

Group F

Crying Dookie Rugrat has the upper hand in terms of table position and goal difference, so they look likely to win the group. The Irons and Perpetual Motion Machine will be fighting for the second place position.

Group G

Erimus all stars and Disjointed United are fighting for the top position in the group.

Group H

Lakeview United and Beakerhead FC are also fighting for the top position in the group.

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