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Results from Matchday 11

6 July, 2008

With one matchday remaining, the competition remains pretty wide open. Only two teams have been eliminated and only one has clinched a spot in the quarterfinals.

So, we bid a fond farewell to Disjointed United and DakotaFanningFanclub, while we congratulate Lakeview United (who actually clinched last week)

A result page has been added and the tables have been updated.  Results after the jump.

Group W

Beakerhead FC 11 : 19 Erimus all stars
Singapore United 11 : 19 The Green Army

Group X

DakotaFanningFanClub 1 : 15 Locomotive Baltimore
RFK United 19 : 10 Perpetual Motion Machine

Group Y

Lakeview United 8 : 13 D.C. United In Exile
Forest Glen AC 13 : 5 Disjointed United

Group Z

Crying Dukie Rugrat 15 : 18 Arlington Avengers
The Fairfax Frenzy 10 : 32 Clive’s Shoot ‘em Up Strikers
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  1. JayRockers! permalink
    7 July, 2008 3:08 pm


    5 straight wins followed by 4 losses out of 5. Thank you Kris Wingert, amongst others.

    The DFFC might as well pack it in for another season.



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