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Group Stage I :: Matchday 02

25 March, 2010
Group A
Screaming Hooligans vs I Win Trophies
FC Untied vs Beakerhead FC
Group B
The Bearded Olsens vs Old North State FC
RK Unido vs The Filipino National Team
Group C
Crying Dookie Rugrats vs The Mighty Mussels
RFK United vs Pepsinono
Group D
Fighting Talker FC vs El Queso del Diablo
Westfield vs Locomotive Baltimore
Group E
Unitedmaniacs vs DakotaFanningFanClub
Catalina Wine Mixer vs The Irons
Group F
Footer Phooter vs DCU In Exile
DCU Mountainman vs DC United The Redemption
Group G
Riders of Rohan vs DC Jammers
LosBorrachosdelSur vs DC FC
Group H
Richmond Monumental vs Singapore United
Arlington Avengers vs Dynamo Mojo Jojo PPG
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