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Quarterfinal Draw

13 July, 2010

So, as I posted earlier, the group winners were placed into Pot A, and the runners-up were placed into Pot B. I put the teams in alphabetical order and assigned a number to each so I could use the integer generator:

Pot A

1 Arlington Avengers
2 Crying Dookie Rugrats
3 Riders of Rohan
4 The Irons

Pot B

1 Beakerhead FC
2 I Win Trophies
3 The Bearded Olsens
4 The Mighty Mussels

I used the integer generator to select 1 team from Pot A and then 1 from Pot B. If Pot B selection was ever in a group with the Pot A selection (either group phase), I moved the Pot B selection to the next available slot and redrew for the first match-up. This was  repeated until the pairings were set.

The Bracket Format

QF1 = A1 vs B1
QF2 = A2 vs B2
QF3 = A3 vs B3
QF4 = A4 vs B4

SF1 = QF1 vs QF4
SF2 = QF2 vs QF3

FINAL = SF1 vs SF2

3rd Place Playoff = Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2

The Draw

A1 =(3) Riders of Rohan
B1 = (4) The Mighty Mussels

A2 =(4) The Irons
B2 = (2) I Win Trophies

A3 =(2) Crying Dookie Rugrats
B3 = (1) Beakerhead FC

A4 =(1) Arlington Avengers
B4 = (3) The Bearded Olsens

Competition Format

2 legged Quarterfinals & Semi-Finals, aggregate winner advances
One off Championship & 3rd Place Playoff

Tiebreakers in the Knockout Stage

  1. Goals Scored
  2. Goals Allowed by the goalkeeper
  3. Assists
  4. Coaching Points

The Bracket

Leading to Semifinal 1:

Quarterfinal 1 L1 L2 AG
Riders of Rohan * *
The Mighty Mussels * *
Quarterfinal 4 L1 L2 AG
Arlington Avengers * *
FC Riders of Rohan * *

Leading to Semifinal 2:

Quarterfinal 2 L1 L2 AG
The Irons * *
I Win Trophies * *
Quarterfinal 3 L1 L2 AG
Crying Dookie Rugrats * *
The Bearded Olsens * *

The Semifinal Round

Semifinal 1 L1 L2 AG
QF1 Winner * *
QF4 Winner * *
Semifinal 2 L1 L2 AG
QF2 Winner * *
QF3 Winner * *

The Final & 3rd Place Playoff

SF1 Winner
SF2 Winner
3rd Place
SF1 Loser
SF2 Loser
2 Comments leave one →
  1. Sandy Christmus permalink
    15 July, 2010 8:13 am

    Great job keeping up with all this, Eric. I’m lucky to be moving on and I’m counting my blessings, but unfortunately, you’ve already determined Riders of Rohan is twice as good as me:-) Seriously, in Quarterfinal 4, you’ve got FC Riders of Rohan where it should be FC Beakerhead. Awesome job with the record-keeping. Thanks for doing it all.


  2. 19 July, 2010 9:24 am

    Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t notice the misprint until I started recording scores this morning. I have corrected this post and will move on to the other places the error occurred.

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