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Quarterfinals complete

26 July, 2010

Second leg results for the quarterfinals are in, and listed below.

Quarterfinal 1 L1 L2 AG
Riders of Rohan 14 -2 12
The Mighty Mussels 17 8 25
Quarterfinal 4 L1 L2 AG
Arlington Avengers 25 12 37
The Bearded Olsens 7 19 26
Quarterfinal 2 L1 L2 AG
The Irons 25 23 48
I Win Trophies 15 13 28
Quarterfinal 3 L1 L2 AG
Crying Dookie Rugrats 14 34 48
Beakerhead FC 24 9 33

Which means we will have the following match ups in the Semi-Finals.

Semifinal 1 L1 L2 AG
The Mighty Mussels * *
Crying Dookie Rugrats * *
Semifinal 2 L1 L2 AG
Arlington Avengers * *
The Irons * *

This year, the top 3 in the regular league table have made the semi finals, which might be a record. Normally, we have a few “Cup Specialists” performing well in the cup but maybe not so well in the league. Our last semifinalist is in the Top 10, so it’s a strong group.

Good luck to all.

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