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2010 Champions: The Mighty Mussels

17 August, 2010

Congratulations to The Mighty Mussels for taking The Black & The Red FA Cup for 2010.

The Mighty Mussels

The Mighty Mussels, 2010 TB&TR FA Cup Champions

It was a first for this competition… a draw in the final between Crying Dookie RugratsThe Mighty Mussels (28 pts each), sending the decision to the tiebreakers which were as follows:

1st – Most Goals Scored
2nd – Fewest Goals Allowed by the goalkeeper
3rd – Most Assists
4th – Most Coaching Points

The first tiebreaker, Goals Scored, was again a tie with both teams scoring 2 goals apiece.  The second tiebreaker was the decider.  Crying Dookie Rugrats, featuring Bouna Coundoul gave up 1 goal during the week, while The Mighty Mussels, featuring Donovan Ricketts, maintained the shutout for the week.

The Mighty Mussels will now represent our division in the MFLS-wide Cup Winners Cup.

The Third Place match was won by Arlington Avengers over The Irons by a score of 24:18.

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  1. Mort Rolleston permalink
    18 August, 2010 8:05 pm

    Awesome picture of the mussels!!! Thanks for organizing tourney/website and thanks to all other teams for stiff competition in this tourney as well as total points overall.

    cheers, Mort Rolleston of the Mighty Mussels

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