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Group Stage II Results :: Matchday 10

5 June, 2011
Group W
Bens Chili Bowl 12 : 14 DC United Left Coast
Dynamo Mojo Jojo PPG 7 : 20 Vienna Fingers
Group X
Footer Phooter 22 : 16 Winterville F.C.*
Banditos 10 : 13 Crying Dookie Rugrat
Group Y
UtdManiacs 16 : 5 Westfield United
The Irons 6 : 13 Beakerhead FC
Group Z
Wahlberg’s Peacock 7 : 15 Riders of Rohan
Arlington Avengers** 14 : 16 Nuts & Gum

*Because Footer Phooter & Banditos face off in the last match of the second group stage, one is guaranteed at minimum of 7 points, which puts them out of reach of Winterville F.C, therefore WFC is eliminated.

**Arlington Avengers are eliminated

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  1. Sandy Christmus permalink
    6 June, 2011 11:30 am

    For having such a crappy team I’ve set up, and mismanaged, Beakerhead FC is doing shockingly well in the first 2 rounds. I don’t expect it to continue. There are some really good teams in the division.

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