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2013 Format & Draw

1 April, 2013

Draw was completed in the usual fashion.

Cup Format

  • MFLS Weeks 7-12 : Group Stage
  • MFLS Weeks 13 & 14 : Quarterfinals (2 legs)
  • MFLS Weeks 17 & 18 : Semifinals (2 legs)
  • MFLS Week 19 : Cup Final & 3rd Place Match


  • Top 2 finishers in each Group in Group Stage advance to the Quarterfinals
  • 2 Leg Quarterfinal & Semifinal rounds
  • Single match Final & 3rd Place decider

Group Stage Tie-breakers

1. Head to Head results
2. Goal Differential
3. Goals Scored

Knock-out Stage Tie-breakers

1. Goals Scored
2. Goals Allowed by the goalkeeper
3. Assists
4. Coaching Points

The Draw

Group A
Benny’s Army
The Mighty Mussels

Group B
DCU Left Coast
The Irons
Crying Dookie Rugrat

Group C
Footer Phooter
Kowalski wants MEAT!
FC Beaks 1789

Group D
North Bethesda United
Locomotive Baltimore
Old North State FC
Arlington Avengers

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