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Semifinal Matchups

22 June, 2015

The Semi-Finals

Semifinal 1 L1 L2 AG
Flag Waiving Redneck * *
Westfield United * *
Semifinal 2 L1 L2 AG
Vamos United * *
The Mighty Mussels * *

Quarterfinal :: Leg 2 Results

22 June, 2015
Quarterfinal 1 L1 L2 AG
Flag Waiving Redneck 22 19 41 0 10 10
Quarterfinal 2
Arlington Avengers 11 9 20
Westfield United 16 5 21
Quarterfinal 3
Columbians 29-95 13 4 17
Vamos United 9 13 22
Quarterfinal 4
The Mighty Mussels 28 7 35
Locomotive Baltimore 14 8 22

Quarterfinal :: Leg 1 Results

8 June, 2015
Quarterfinal 1 L1 L2 AG
Flag Waiving Redneck 22 * 0 *
Quarterfinal 2
Arlington Avengers 11 *
Westfield United 16 *
Quarterfinal 3
Columbians 29-95 13 *
Vamos United 9 *
Quarterfinal 4
The Mighty Mussels 28 *
Locomotive Baltimore 14 *

Quarterfinal Draw

1 June, 2015

The draw for the quarterfinal match ups has been made.  Group Winners went in to Pot 1 and runners up went in to Pot 2.  The only restriction was that teams could not be drawn against another team from the same Group.


  • Quarterfinal Leg 1 – Week 14
  • Quarterfinal Leg 2 – Week 16

(Skipping Week 15 for the light schedule)

  • Semifinal Leg 1 – Week 17
  • Semifinal Leg 2 – Week 18
  • Final – Week 19

Pot 1

  • Arlington Avengers
  • Flag Waiving Redneck
  • The Mighty Mussels
  • Columbians 29-95

Pot 2

  • Locomotive Baltimore
  • Vamos United
  • Westfield United

Results of the draw are as follows:

The Quarterfinals

Quarterfinal 1 L1 L2 AG
Flag Waiving Redneck * * * *
Quarterfinal 2 L1 L2 AG
Arlington Avengers * *
Westfield United * *
Quarterfinal 3 L1 L2 AG
Columbians 29-95 * *
Vamos United * *
Quarterfinal 4 L1 L2 AG
The Mighty Mussels * *
Locomotive Baltimore * *

The Semi-Finals

Semifinal 1 L1 L2 AG
QF1 Winner * *
QF2 Winner * *
Semifinal 2 L1 L2 AG
QF3 Winner * *
QF4 Winner * *

The Final & 3rd Place Playoff

SF1 Winner *
SF2 Winner *
3rd Place
SF1 Loser *
SF2 Loser *

Group Stage Complete

1 June, 2015

The group stage is complete and the following teams have qualified for the quarterfinals:

Group A

  1. Columbians 29-95
  2. Westfield United

Westfield United advanced via the first tiebreaker over RFK Raccoon’s (head to head matchups)

Group B

  1. Flag Waiving Redneck
  2. Locomotive Baltimore

Flag Waiving Redneck won the group over Locomotive Baltimore via the second tiebreaker (GD)

Group C

  1. The Mighty Mussels
  2. Vamos United

Vamos United advanced via the first tiebreaker over DC United West (head to head matchups)

Group D

  1. Arlington Avengers

No tiebreakers needed

Group Stage Results :: Matchday 10

1 June, 2015
Group A
Westfield United 33 : 41 Columbians 29-95
The Irons 20 : 0 Team 18
Group B
DakotaFanningFanClub 26 : 36 DCFC
Bulldawgs 19 : 32 Flag Waiving Redneck
Group C
Team 19 0 : 30 Vamos United
Singapore United 4 : 20 The Mighty Mussels
Group D
Old North State FC 17 : 42 utdmaniacs
Arlington Avengers 34 : 15
Bye Week
Group A : RFK Raccoon’s
Group B : Locomotive Baltimore
Group C : DC United West
Group D : Team 20

Yet still more eliminations and advancements

25 May, 2015

With this week’s results, three more teams have been eliminated from contention:

  • The Irons
  • Singapore United
  • Old North State FC

Additionally, we have some teams who have clinched spots in the Quarterfinals, even though no groups have had an outright winner clinch.  The teams securing their spots are:

  • Locomotive Baltimore
  • Arlington Avengers

Next week’s matches are the last of the group stage and the following situations exist:

Group A

RFK Raccoon’s, Columbians 29-95, Westfield United are all tied with 15 points.  RFK Raccoon’s is done with all matches, so can not gain any additional points.  As fate would have it, Columbians 29-95 and Westfield United are playing eachother on the last day of Group Play, so any combination of the three teams can still advance.  A draw would eliminate RFK Raccoon’s, but otherwise, the winner of that match will joint RFK Raccoon’s in the quarterfinals.  In either case, a tiebreaker will be necessary to determine the Group Winner. Westfield United holds the tiebreak advantage over RFK Raccoon’s (2 head to head wins), while Columbians 29-95 & RFK Raccoon’s split the head to head matchups but GD is within 3 of eachother, so a win by 4 points or more by Columbians would hand the group to them.

Group B

In this group, Locomotive Baltimore has the most points (18) but is done with group play.  Flag Waiving Redneck can catch up with a win next week, sending the Group title to a tiebreaking situation (Head to head is tied, and FWR holds the advantage in GD).  If FWR fails to win and DCFC wins, second place could come down to a tiebreaker.  (Again, head to head is tied, and FWR holds the advantage in GD)

Group C

DC United West and The Mighty Mussels are tied at the top of Group C with 15 points.  Vamos United trails in second with 12 points.  DC United West are done with Group Stage matches and sit on a GD of 6, which is quite a bit lower than that of the other two contenders.  Vamos United holds the tiebreaking advantage over DC United West (2 wins in head to head), but split the head to head matchups with The Mighty Mussels.  Currently, GD favors The Mighty Mussels, however Vamos United is facing one of the dummy teams and will not have any points scored against them this week.  DC United West & The Mighty Mussels also split their head to head matchups, so GD will come into play if they end Group Play in a draw for points. An interesting group!

Group D

This is the group with the clearest picture. Arlington Avengers and have both clinched spots in the quarterfinals and are battling out for Group Winner.  Maximum drama has been set since they play eachother in the last group stage match.  The winner takes the group. In the case of a draw, took the first matchup and therefore would win the group.